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An Immersive Shoppable Room  Experience

*Please note that this page contains affiliate links and any sales made through such links will reward me a small commission at no extra cost to you. For more information about the use of my website, see my terms of service.*

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How it works...

Simply click to shop any of the rooms below.  You'll get the design plan completely free where you can virtually tour the space, shop my designer-curated products, and get professional design inspiration delivered right to your inbox! Shop one or shop them all - they are free to explore for as much design inspiration as you like.  PCI's shoppable rooms not only give you a glimpse into my designer brain, but can save you time and money by providing you with a one stop shopping experience! 

If you are having trouble visualizing any of these spaces in your home, let's chat! I can render your room with my design plan and you get to work with me without purchasing a full design project! 


 Shop *           * Bedroom Designs

Peaceful Retreat Bedroom Design
|| Peaceful Retreat ||
Art Deco Dreams Bedroom Design
|| Art Deco Dreamin' ||
Mountain Escape
|| Mountain Escape ||

Render My Room!

"Hey Sarah, can you render this in my actual room?"


I sure can! Send me the dimensions, photos, and important information about your space, and I'll customize any of the free design plans just for you!  

Simply tell me what adjustments you would like to make to the design plan to fit your space.   When our collaboration is completed, you'll have a full design plan with helpful instructions so you know exactly what to order and how to install it! 

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