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Magnolia Mosaic Pillow Cover

Magnolia Mosaic Pillow Cover


The Magnolia Mosaic Pillow is a contemporary homage to the timeless beauty of the South. This pillow is adorned with a unique fabric pattern that harmoniously blends classic floral elegance with a modern geometric twist. Utilizing a soft color palette of blue, pink, and white, the design features stylized magnolia blossoms set within a tapestry of geometric shapes, creating a visual dance of tradition and modernity.

Each pillow is crafted with an eye for detail and quality, ensuring a visually stunning and tactilely pleasing experience. The geometric elements add a touch of sophistication, making this pillow versatile to any decor style, from the avant-garde to the classical.

Perfect for adding a statement to your living room, bedroom, or reading nook, the Geometric Magnolia Mosaic Pillow doesn't just complement the space it inhabits—it enhances it. It is an ideal piece for those who appreciate a design that speaks to both the past and the future, offering comfort without compromising style.

.: 100% Polyester cover
.: Double sided print
.: Concealed zipper
.: Pillow not included

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