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Level Up Mode: Activated

"It's time to level up. Starting now."

October is always a month of reflection for me. It marks the anniversary of starting my company and always prompts me to look back, re-evaluate, and dig deeper for ways I can improve both my business processes and your experience as a reader, follower, and/or client.

I recently added some amazing tools to my toolbox here at PCI and let's just say...I'm *really*excited! I've offered eDesign from the start, but over time I have fallen more and more in love with all of the digital goodness out there just waiting for design professionals like myself to share it with the world. So, part of my "Level Up Plan" is to do just that - digitally.

In the coming weeks/months, you're going to notice a new look here on the blog with shoppable links, moodboard inspiration, 3D renderings, and more! The newsletter and "Shop The Look" launched from the website and few weeks ago and that will continue to evolve as well. I'll even be adding some FREE digital downloads and guides for you to snag and reference whenever you need them. I'm in the business of design, but I'm also in the business of cheering you on in your design journey and I want to [digitally and physically] walk with you through it. Think of me as your interior decorating hype girl!

"My passion for design makes me great at what I do. My passion for lifting others along the way is what sets me apart from everyone else." - SP


Changes to Come

Life is all about give and take. It's how we grow while still keeping some [much needed] balance in our lives. Adding more to my digital presence means I'll be taking less in-person projects and focusing more on my eDesign work. I'll still be here for my local clients and I'm not taking in-person design off the table entirely, but openings for local projects will be much less than in previous years.


If you're here in the CSRA and wish to book with me for 2022 - make sure to reach out to me here so we can get your project booked! Limited availability and ongoing delays in the industry means you'll need to start planning early!


"Creativity takes courage." -Henri Matisse

The Best Tool In My Toolbox: Feedback

If we've already worked together then I know you've heard me say this a thousand times - feedback, feedback, feedback! It's a HUGE part of the process as we collaborate to give you the space you've been dreaming of! But, it doesn't stop there - your feedback is how I grow as a design professional, it's how others learn about what I do, and how I am able to keep you up-to-date all things design here on the blog, through my social media channels, and other various digital outlets like Pinterest.


If we have collaborated on a project and you haven't written a Google review for PCI yet - you can do so by following the directions below. It only takes a few minutes and I'd be so grateful for the feedback! Click the image below and it will take you there!


Service Spotlight

If you have any questions about the new changes or if you're thinking of something you would like see here or learn more about - you can reach out to me at any time here.

To learn more about the PCI package options - visit my services page.

"The road to success is always under construction." - Lily Tomlin

Thanks for Being Here

As always, I'm so grateful you're here. Whether you come for the tips, the updates, the "how-tos", the shopping, or simply to enjoy my delightful dash of comedic relief and sprinkle of sarcasm - I'm happy you chose to sit at my table. There's always a seat for you here.


Ready to collaborate on a custom design? Let's chat!

Until next time,

Be Well. Stay Kind. And Keep Dreaming.



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