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Working From Home: Now What?!

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic we are all facing so many changes. One of those is working from home. While this isn't new for some of us, for others it is new and overwhelming. You may find yourself looking for some tips on how to create a peaceful and productive space among the chaos. I'm here to help! Below are my top 5 tips to get you on your way to the perfect work space right here at home.

1.) Choosing the Right Location

This is the most important and often the most challenging step in creating a work space. Ideally, you want to find a space in your home where there are limited distractions. Start by asking yourself what kind of environment you work in best. Do you need a quiet space? Do you concentrate better with some background noise? Is being near the kitchen making you take more snack breaks? What is the #1 thing you consider when finding a place to live? You guessed it! LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.

2.) Lighting

Good lighting is a key element in any work space. You'll want to make sure you're using the right lighting for the job. Overhead/ceiling lights are excellent for bringing overall light to the space. Task lighting (like a desk lamp) or adjustable lighting of some kind that can be used for fine detailed work can aid in reducing eye strain and add a stylish element to the space. Natural lighting is also a key element in the space and has been proven to improve mood and productivity. [Bonus Tip: If you find that you have limited natural light, adding a mirror to the opposing wall can help bounce light and give the room a larger and brighter appearance.]

3.) Use Your Space Wisely

Very few of us have large unused rooms that are blank slates we can claim as our home office. This is where we need to get creative with the smaller, less ideal spaces we may have to work with to create a work space. Using light colors can make the space look and feel larger than it is - I recommend light, cool color schemes if you are working with a small or oddly shaped area. Decrease the clutter! Yes, I know you will need supplies for your new work environment, but keep it simple and keep it organized. Using things like vertical shelving can make a huge different in a small space. This brings us to the next step...

4.) Choosing the Right Furniture

When shopping for your office furniture (or re-purposing things you currently have) you want to make sure you are using items that are the proper height and angle for you and your work space. There are some really excellent space-saving options available now (like fold down wall mounted desks) and I recommend checking them out and doing your research before you purchase (or ask your friendly neighborhood decorator to help you!). Be sure to add a mixture of storage options. I like to use open shelving and neatly displayed baskets or containers to store items I frequently reach for during the work day. For general office supplies, use a cabinet (or closet if you happen to have one nearby) to tuck away items you don't need as part of your daily routine.

5.) Decor

This is the final step, and if you're like me, the most fun part! This is where we add the finishing touches to make your work space truly YOURS. What inspires you? Do you like bright colors? Putting a nice piece of colorful art above your desk or on a wall visible to you from your desk is an excellent addition and often much needed reminder to look up from your computer. Another MUST is plants. Plants bring life to the space and there is research to support that plants can reduce stress and fatigue and improve productivity. Whether they are live or faux plants, they are often the perfect finishing touch!

I hope these tips have inspired you, eased your mind, and answered the question "what now?" We are all adjusting to these strange and uncertain times. It's stressful and scary, but that doesn't mean we can't walk away from this having learned something. Maybe there is a creative genius inside of you and this is your time to shine!

Stay home, stay positive, and stay well, my friends. Today is a gift. How will you use it?

Interested in getting some help to create YOUR perfect home office? Let's connect!


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