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Winter Decor for Every Style

Ah, January. A new year. A fresh start. The holiday decorations are all put away. Now what? Do you keep some less holiday-ish decor items out for winter? Do you incorporate Valentine’s Day and/or St. Patrick’s Day decor? Or do we just skip right to Spring?

I’ll start by saying this is 100% a personal preference. There is no right or wrong way to decorate. Ever. Read that again. You, my friend, are in control here. So, what do YOU like?

If you’re like me you’re talking to your screen right now saying “I like it all! That’s why I’m here!” I hear you. I get it. But, if we want to keep a cohesive look and calmness in the chaos (I see you, holiday boxes still waiting to be put away…) then we have to decide which style is best for us.

Let’s explore the options, shall we?

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Neutral Winter Décor

Ok, neutral winter décor. I have to admit this is probably my favorite and my “go to” for the month of January. It’s a great way to extend or recycle a few things from our Christmas décor like pine garland, winter greenery, and neutral-colored “winter-y” decorative objects like seasonal books and patterns like antelope print. Check out a few of my favorites below! If most of what you put out at the holiday season is more “themed” to the specific holiday that you and your family celebrate, consider picking up a few more neutral pieces and adding them to your holiday decorating arsenal for next year. The beauty of this option is that it saves you time, effort, and cash. Who doesn’t want that?!


Pro Tip: When you’re packing away your Christmas decorations, put all the neutral winter items like pine greens, neutral-colored wintery objects like deer or books, and pillow covers in neutral prints like antelope or plaid in their own container and label them “winter”. This will make it so much easier to find and use to following year.


Winter Holiday Decor

As I said above, there are no rules. I, personally, prefer to wait until the latter part of January or first of February to decorate for “Love Day” as my 5-year-old calls it. However, that doesn’t mean you have to! If you’re feeling all the cozy romantic vibes and love is in the air, then go for it! HOW do you do this without it looking like the preschool valentine exchange party? Well, it can be done. Maybe skip the paper hearts and special candy mailbox in your home (or use it in a family space or your kid’s room – I do this and drop little “love notes” in it for a few weeks and our daughter absolutely loves to get her “love mail”). For this option, I like to think more simple elegance and less cheesy Hallmark card (sorry, Hallmark, but we know what you’re up to). You can give your home a seasonal sprinkle of lovely décor changes and avoid the winter blues by adding candles to a table tray, a red berry wreath to the front door or entryway, and some fun pillow covers to cozy up the sofa. Voila! Not too much. Not too little. Just enough.

The same goes for St. Patty’s Day. Less is more. Think small sprinkles throughout the main living space. Shamrocks and rainbows are great, but not always the aesthetic we’re looking for in our home during this “in-between” time of the year. Does that mean you shouldn’t set a leprechaun trap and hope you can catch him and his gold? Of course not! But, again, maybe keep that to a family space or a kid’s space. Simple things like decorating an entryway table using greenery, some apothecary jars with green/gold candy or fillers, and a chalkboard sign with the Irish Blessing on it is a great way to decorate for the holiday without going overboard. And, as always, because you know your girl loves a good sofa glow up – don’t forget the pillow covers! Grab a few of my favorite picks below!


Early Spring Decor

Not a fan of winter? Wish you could just skip it? Well, I can’t wave a magic wand and make the temperature warm up or put things into full bloom OUTside, but INside? Why not? Your house, your rules! Sometimes by the time we get through the holiday season and put away the holiday décor we are in full deep cleaning mode (I’m there right now and it’s glorious to see wide open CLEAN spaces in the house, yall. It won’t last because my family will make sure of that, but that few hours of glistening floors, bright white trim, and the smell of cleanliness is a wonderful feeling!). If you find yourself “over it” and ready for Spring, there are tasteful ways to achieve that look without things feeling completely out of place for the season. Plants. You know that next to pillows, this is a favorite of mine. Plants are ALWAYS in style and go with any aesthetic so you can’t go wrong! Grab a few cute plant stands, stagger them in a sunny corner or on a side table or mantel – perfection. Every time. Other neutral greens like lambs ear or a faux greenery wreath are also great “Spring” neutrals that can work for almost any season. Adding florals can be an option, too. Did you know there are flowers that bloom in the dead of winter? Did you also know that you can buy the faux version of them that requires no care other than a quick dust-off every now and then? YEP. Again, they always match. And chances are, there is a plant out there that fits your style genre just waiting to find a home on top of a stack of books on your coffee table.

Here's a few options to choose from!


Whatever seasonal or non-seasonal look you crave this time of year, I hope this helps to inspire you to go for it! And, as always, your friendly neighborhood e-designer is here to help!


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Until next time,

Be Well. Stay Kind.

And Keep Dreaming.



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