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Wife. Mom. Dreamer.

I sat across the table from someone who said "You mentioned your husband and your daughter and the roles you play in their lives, but who are YOU?" Talk about a gut punch. I sat there, puzzled, and thought for a moment. "I...well...I..." was all I could manage to get out of my suddenly parched mouth. Over the next several days (ok, fine...weeks) I pondered on this. Who AM I? What makes me...ME? What do I love besides my family? I prayed for the great divine answer to come swooping down from the heavens. Spoiler alert - God doesn't work that way. He does, however, answer if you take the time to listen. I did what I almost always do when I've got something eating at me. I organize, re-imagine, and create. It's something that has always given me joy. I had just finished repainting and re-purposing a vintage piece of furniture and as I was walking around the house taking measurements and envisioning where it would look best it hit me. BOOM. This is who you are. Creative. Purposeful. Meticulous. And oh, so blessed. He answered. I asked and He answered. That's when I knew this thing I'd been dreaming about, the thing that gives me a little twinkle in my eye when I've watched far too many episodes of my favorite HGTV shows, and the thing I could no longer ignore...was interior design. Now, I'm not about to call myself an interior designer (there's a big difference - Google it), but I was hungry to learn more. And so I did. And here we are. Stay tuned, friends. I'm just getting started.


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