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Where Do I Start?

Sometimes the biggest challenge in a project is simply knowing where to start. Thinking about all the things we want to change and the tons of design ideas and options we have swirling around in our minds is enough to overwhelm us and we end up telling ourselves it's just too much to even start.

So, how do avoid talking ourselves out of something that has the potential to bring us so much joy?

Is it choosing a color scheme? Paint colors? Large furniture items? NOPE. That will all come later. The first step is to visualize and that can be really really hard for most people. I cannot tell you how many times I've been in someone's home and visualized something, described it, and turned to the client only to find the look of overwhelming confusion on their faces. All they are able to see is the room they dislike. They can't see it's potential.

So, the starting point? Take it all out. Everything. I mean it. Remove it all from the room. Even if you have to push the couch into the kitchen. Do it. Get it everything out that you can so that when you're standing in the room it’s out of sight. Blank slate. Clean the space while everything is out and give yourself a fresh start. The smell of a clean space, the light coming in from a window with no curtains, the blank walls... Do you see that? THAT is clarity, sister.

Now, visit that visualization again. Better? I thought so.

Next step? Walk away. Yup. Just walk away. Let yourself bask in the clean blank space (even if it's just for an hour because your couch is in your kitchen). Then, re-visit and get to work. Sometimes a new look is as simple as rearranging your furniture and gaining a little perspective. Most importantly, enjoy the process. You've got this!


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