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Trending Color Palettes for 2022

The design industry is ever-changing. Those changes come and go with the seasons, the fading away of once-popular trends and the birth of new ones. As we go into 2022, we're seeing some absolutely beautiful colors coming from favored companies like Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, and Farrow & Ball. I've curated a few color palettes based on the the newest/most popular trending colors from these fan-favorite paint experts to give you some inspiration on how to use them in your home.


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Let's start things off with Benjamin Moore. They've been a fan favorite and known as the "Best of the Best" for a long time and it's easy to see why. The "Color of the Year" for 2022 is October Mist and it's lovely - it's also everywhere (ya'll, Pinterest is flooded with this one) and I wanted to give you some inspiration to go with a few other trending BM colors this year. See more about these colors and shop this concept board below!

Benjamin Moore 2022 Trending Colors

The Colors:

Mysterious - This deep blue can be read as a blue-black or a rich a navy. If you read my "Must Haves" blog series last year, you know that I make it rule to add hints of black in every design. I'm loving this color because it allows for interest and dimension in the space, but with a bit of softness. If you missed the blog series I mentioned, you can read it HERE.

Undertone: gray

Gloucester Sage - I love how versatile this color can be. It can be the earth-toned mossy green you need in a neutral palette full of organic textures or it can read a like a rich wrought iron element and add a level of elegance and sophistication to your palette.

Undertone: grey-green

Wild Flower - This color is such a fabulous combination of dusty red and orange. It reminds me of the color of the hibiscus flowers that our neighboring park had at every corner when we lived in Honolulu early in my husband's career serving in the US Army. Quite simply, it's just one of those colors that makes me happy.

Undertone: medium red-orange

Pale Moon - This soft buttery yellow is so classic and can be just the little bit of sunshine need to accentuate a space. I used a color very similar to this (Weston Flax, also by Benjamin Moore, from the Historic Color Collection) in a recent client's kitchen and it's absolutely delightful!

Undertone: beige

Shop the Look for This Color Palette


Next up, Sherwin-Williams. Another fan favorite and my personal favorite to use in my own home. These guys have really stepped up over the years and have proved that they belong on the map with their designer collections and versatile colors for interior and exterior paints. The Sherwin-Williams "Color of the Year" for 2022 is Evergreen Fog. I've included it in this palette because it's not quite as widely recognized in every search and well, it's just SO pretty. I decided to go with a palette of neutrals for this design and now I just want to cozy up in this space! Learn more about these colors and shop the concept board below!

The Colors

Evergreen Fog - I LOVE this color. It's the perfect mixture of serene and moody. Neutral enough to match a ton of things, but not at all what I would call boring. It's a subtle, yet absolutely stunning statement shade of green and I'm here for it!

Undertone: grey

Accessible Beige - Why do I love this? Well, it's a great neutral because it really IS...accessible. Webster's dictionary defines the word accessible as: "able to be reached or entered" and "approachable". With this one, good neutral design is a goal we can reach and your going to end up with a cozy, inviting...approachable, if you will, space. See what I did there? This color is classified as a "greige" because of it's undertones, but can really pull warmth into a space while still not competing with the cool tones of the other pieces in the room.

Undertone: grey

Uber Umber - This rich color reminds me of the candy shop my husband used to work in back in home PA as a teenager. I can almost taste the caramel when I look at it! This rich color is so warm and delicious - perfect to pair with the cooler toned colors mentioned above to give much needed balance in your design plans.

Undertone: yellow

Urbane Bronze - This color is exactly what I think of and what I go for when I think of modern, moody, minimalist designs. It's versatile and classified as a grey, but can pull more deep bronze, soft black, or even a smidge green depending on the lighting and other elements in the room.

Undertone: bronze

Shop the Look for This Color Palette


The last color palette I want to highlight is from Farrow & Ball. It's lesser known and not quite as readily accessible here in the states, but this paint company based out of Dorset, England has made quite a name for itself with it's highly pigmented paints and it's finishes that respond extremely well to all types of lighting situations. Farrow & Ball is known for it's ode to history - obviously noted by their classic color collections. Take a look below to see more about these popular colors trending for 2022 and shop the concept board!

The Colors

Stone Blue - This warm and timeless blue looks beautiful next to just about everything. It's clean and classic look will complement the most crisp white trim AND the warmest rich yellows.

Undertone: indigo + slight red

India Yellow - This strong moody yellow packs a punch, but in all the best ways. When I saw this, it reminded me of the fresh mangos we used to get at the corner market when we lived in Hawaii. (Apparently, I shouldn't write blogs while hungry - everything reminds me of food.) It's a delightful mustard yellow that pairs perfectly with both warm and cool colors - especially the ones I'm sharing with you today!

Undertone: mustard

Red Earth - This one speaks for itself. It's earthy, terracotta color is both complementary and bold. It reminds me "Georgia clay" here in Georgia - something this Pennsylvania girl had no idea was a thing until the Army moved us here and I could NOT get that "red dirt" out of my rough and tumble toddler's pants! When I'm not trying to scrub it out of clothes, it's really quite lovely!

Undertones: red + yellow

Card Room Green - Another grey-green for you to check out since this color and those like it are so popular. (No complaints here, friends. I love me some green!) This one reminds me of a study or museum where you'd find scholars and stunning pieces of art. Combined with the warmth of the colors in this palette, this color really shines and shows as a more contemporary element to the design.

Undertone: grey

Shop the Look for This Color Palette


Needless to say, I am EXCITED about the color trends we're seeing in the design world and it's looking like the forcast for 2022 is neutral with a splash of bold. I am SO ready to do some amazing work with these trending colors in the coming year!

There's more interior design and decor #trending news coming in the next few weeks and I can't wait to share more with you on what kinds of styles you'll be seeing more of in 2022. Are you ready for it? Stay tuned, friends!


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