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Trash Or Treasure?

Ah, military life. We accumulate SO. MUCH. STUFF. over the years. If you're like me, you also gather things that are authentic to your current duty station (we lived in Hawaii for a year...I gathered some amazing things from the local market. No regrets!)

My first word of advice for design clients is ALWAYS to de-clutter. However, there are exceptions to "the purge". Things that are sentimental or well-made pieces, especially wooden furniture items, are difficult to part with but here's the good news - you don't have to!

That sweet heirloom changing table you no longer need because your babies are now full-grown little people? Keep it! Things like this are great pieces to repurpose! Changing tables make the perfect playroom bookshelf, puzzle storage, or art supply center. They can be painted, lined with fun contact paper, and totally transformed while still keep the integrity of the piece!

Another one of my favorite upcycling projects is an old dresser. Take a peek inside that old ugly dresser you got from Aunt Margaret... Do you see dovetail drawers? Is it made of solid wood? That's a quality piece of furniture! Maybe it's scratched and the hardware is broken or just not your style, but this is no match for a military spouse on a mission! Grab your sander, some chalk paint, sealer, and new hardware! You can revive it to be the dresser of your dreams! Don't need a dresser? Remove the drawers, add some wood shelves, and pop some baskets in it for a pretty storage unit in your mudroom!

These are just two examples of great repurposing projects. There are TONS of ideas online (Pinterest is my bestie) and tutorials to show you exactly what to do (thanks, YouTube!). The possibilities are endless!

The best part? Upcycling items you already have can save you so much money! So often, we think we need to buy all new things and "start over" when we move. While that is absolutely fine and can be so much fun, it can also get pretty costly. Repurposing these items can give you the fresh start you're looking for while taking it easy on your wallet!


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