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Tiny Home, Big Possibilities

I can't tell you how many times I have heard someone say that they can't improve their home because it's just too small. But it CAN be done! I'm going to highlight a few of my favorite ways to make a small space appear much bigger than it is with a bit of creative thinking.

First, let's talk about ways to "trick the eye". This is all about the illusion of making your space look bigger. We aren't going to do any big costly renovations here, just a few small things that will make a BIG difference.

Let's start with paint. The lighter the better and keep it monochromatic. Painting your walls, ceiling, and woodwork all the same light color (especially in tiny bathrooms!) can make the room feel much less cramped.

Choose furniture that fits the scale of the room. Be mindful of keeping it simple and only using items that are functional. All too often I see people wanting to put massive heavy furniture in small, dark, poorly lit rooms and they are so disappointed when their new sectional arrives and it's all wrong. Using smaller pieces with raised legs (so the sofa is off the floor) will give you the seating you need without overcrowding the space. Another common mistake with furniture in small spaces is pushing everything against the wall. Bringing things into a more "floating" position will actually make the room appear much bigger and will allow for more open floor space!

Use a large area rug and place it under your carefully curated furniture. I know that sounds silly because I just mentioned using smaller pieces in smaller rooms, but hear me out. Using a large area rug that is correctly placed under your furniture will draw the eye wider and will make the room appear much bigger than it really is while also adding some color and personality that won't overwhelm the space.

Think vertical! Using vertical shelving is a great way to add storage, simple decor, and draw the eye up. Just be sure to leave open spaces on your shelves. We want to create decorative elements, not a display for clutter.

Let as much natural light into your room as possible! Avoid dark heavy drapery that will darken the room and pull it down. Using light and airy curtain panels hung high and wide (beyond the window casing) will give the appearance of bigger windows and will let more light into your space.

Lastly, declutter, declutter, declutter! Everything in your home should have a place. Keeping countertops clear and necessary items tucked away in closets is key when trying to make a room feel open. If you have limited closet space, using open shelving with neatly placed decorative baskets is a great way to keep things tidy while still having them readily available to you. [ I highly recommend contacting Shannon at Little Red Stool Organizing for more help with this if you are local to the CSRA! ]

All in all, small spaces are not a roadblock for design. There are so many possibilities and creative ways to make ANY space feel like home 🏠❤️

📷 credit: Joss & Main (How dreamy is this simple neutral living room?! 😍)

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