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This Or That?

I had a conversation with a good friend recently in which she asked me if I would divorce our friendship if she bought this gem... Because I love her, and part of being a good friend is making sure your friends avoid making tragic mistakes, I told her yes. Would I really end a friendship over this? Of course not, but hear me out.

Sometimes being an Interior Decorator means talking people OUT of buying things. And so, thanks to my amazing friend and the need to add a bit of humor to your day, I give you #TalkMeDownThursday!

That super fuzzy faux fur looking duvet cover you saw on Amazon that looks heavenly and cozy in the photos? Yeah. No. Don't do that. This material is not going to wash well. One trip to the washing machine and it's going to look like Aunt Edna's matted shag carpet from the 70's. And it's HOT. Like...not at all breathable. Don't waste your time or money. Just...don't.

If it's luxurious softness you crave for your bed linens, skip the funky faux fur duvet cover and opt for a soft chunky oversized throw! It will add a cozy layer of texture to your bed, will wash more easily (pay attention to the fabric care instructions - if dry cleaning is listed, walk away), and you won't wake up at 2AM feeling like you're sleeping in Satan's armpit.

I'm not judging you. I promise. Just because I'm a professional now, doesn't mean I haven't made my fair share of tragic design mistakes! The chances are that I've probably done the very thing I'm telling you NOT to do. Learn from me, young grasshopper. Let me be your Mr. Miyagi.


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