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The Ultimate Guide to Artificial Greenery: Wreaths

Last week we talked about artificial trees in my "Finding the Perfect Fake" post. This week, let's talk about one of the tree's perfect companions - wreaths. I'm going to break it down for you with a little bit of #designscience and a whole lot of holiday cheer!


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The almighty wreath. For most of us, it's the very first of the holiday decorations people will see because it adorns the front door. They can, however, be used on walls, above mantels, or even over existing decor like a mirror.

Size Matters

The first thing to consider is that size DOES matter, my friend. Here's a little guide to help you figure out what size (diameter) wreath you need depending on where you plan to place it:


Pro Tip:

First, measure the height and width of the space where it will be displayed. A wreath should cover 50 to 75% of the space’s width and shouldn’t be wider or taller than the surface it's hanging on. For a standard 30 to 36-inch door, give yourself about 6 inches of space on each side of the wreath for a classic look. If it's a more dramatic oversized look you're going for, choose a bigger wreath but leave at least 2 inches of space on each side so you don't overcrowd the space and interfere with the functionality of the door.


Don't Forget to Fluff!

Next, be sure to give that bad boy a good fluff! Not sure your fluff game is on point? I got you, friend. Here's how it's done:

  1. Place one hand on the frame to hold your wreath in place.

  2. Use your free hand to shape the tips starting with the bottom layer and working your way upward and inward.

  3. Shape each tip in the same direction and lift them to create layers.

  4. Slightly curve the tips to fill in any gaps and create a full, round shape.

  5. After shaping, stand back and check your work! Adjust any tips that don't seem quite right and add any accents you want to use to elevate the look like juniper, berry picks, pine cones, or ribbon.

  6. Take look at all angles and make sure you're happy with the look before you hang it.

Let's Hang! Your Wreath, That Is...

Speaking of hanging it, here are a few tips on how to hang a wreath without drilling holes in your walls or doors:

  1. Use an adhesive hook. Be sure your surface is clean and dry before you apply the adhesive. If your wreath is on the heavier side, install a second hook under the bottom of the wreath for added support. [Always check the weight limit on your hooks before using them to prevent damage to your wall and your wreath!]

  2. Use a nylon fishing line. To do this, secure an adhesive hook on the back (interior) side of your door with the hook facing down. Then, loop your fishing line around the hook, secure it with a good sturdy knot, and drape the remaining line over the top of the door. Secure the other side around the wreath and voila! You'll have an illusion-style hanger and no damage to your door's paint.

  3. If you've already got a hook placed (think entryway or mudroom coat hooks), a simple ribbon is all you need! Simply loop it around the wreath, tie a knot to secure it, hang it, and enjoy!

Shop My Favorites

Now that we know how to measure and what size we need, how to fluff it, and how to hang it - we need... THE WREATH. I've curated a list of my favorites for you below! Simply click the images to shop these looks and get the deets on all my favorite wreaths. Oh, and when your holiday guests arrive and "ooh" and "ahh" your gorgeous wreath hung perfectly for all to see? Tell them you know a girl who can help them, too!

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Until next time, friends.


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