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The Final Must-Have: Get Personal

It’s week 10! Can you believe how fast the summer is going?! We have talked about all of my favorites and now it’s time for the final “must-have” – personalization!

We’ve covered it all – a neutral foundation, mixed patterns, layered lighting, texture, hints of black, natural wood tones, greenery, books, and having everything in its place. If you’ve followed along, made some changes, and have added these little things to your spaces then congrats! You’re almost done!

I enjoy incorporating these elements and curating beautiful spaces, but this last step is my favorite part! This is where we make it personal.

It’s all about the details. Stick to things that are either the same style or a style that will blend and/or complement the pieces you have already established in the space. Great Aunt Margie’s vintage dishes are a fantastic family heirloom addition to your dining room if that’s your vibe, but they may not work in the space if you’ve got a mid-century modern style going on. Food for thought. I’m not saying you should let them go at an auction, but it may be more aesthetically pleasing to keep them behind closed doors vs putting them on display.

Things like family photos are the perfect complement to any room and there’s nothing more personal than the ones you hold dear. If you’re someone who is not into displaying family pictures (it’s ok, you’re not alone), a nice alternative is using items that hold sweet memories. Maybe you’ve got a beautiful piece of art you found while traveling abroad, a photograph of something that reminds you of a place that is special to you or a beautiful map that you can display to remind you of all of your past adventures. Whatever it is that brings you joy - hang it, display it, share it.

They say that home is where the heart is and the heart, my friend, is you.

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