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Creating A Cohesive Home: Part 3

Continuing with our tips on creating a cohesive look in your home, today’s tip: Find your style!

Many people struggle with finding their decorating style. Because of this, their homes look like a copy of someone else’s home they saw on HGTV or have no sense of cohesiveness. Just like your clothes reflect your personality, so should your home!


he best part about figuring out your style is that it helps you to focus on what you like therefore making shopping for décor SO much easier. Bonus: you will never again question if that purchase will match your existing décor so you won’t be wasting money on items you don’t love or wasting time standing in the returns line!

I’m firmly against labeling. In all aspects of life, really, but definitely when it comes to your personal décor style. Many of us aren’t settled on one particular style and that’s not a bad thing! I think the most personal home decor is usually a mixture of different styles and elements.

That being said, I AM a fan of being aware of what styles my clients like because it makes being able to pinpoint what will work or not work in their home much easier. Some styles just mix better than others. Modern and boho, transitional and farmhouse, etc. are easily mixed home décor styles that will still create a beautifully cohesive look while being an outward expression of the people who live there.

If you’re truly not sure what it is that you like, I’d encourage you to spend a little time looking up different styles (Pinterest and Instagram are great visual platforms for this!) and seeing how these different styles make you feel. If you’re someone who craves symmetry, clean lines, cool neutrals, and metals – search modern industrial. If it’s the cozy farmhouse look you like, but primitive isn’t your jam – search modern farmhouse. There are tons of options. Do your homework. I promise, it’s so worth it and will make decorating your home SO much easier!


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