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Talks With Mr. Miyagi: D.I.DON'T

Ya'll. I LOVE a good DIY. It can save money, it allows you to customize, and so much more. BUT, today's #TalkMeDownThursday is about knowing when to walk away.

Come grasshopper, let's chat.

That project piece you saw on Facebook Marketplace might be just the piece you need to complete your room? Yeah, it also might be the final straw that takes you from a well-adjusted human in the time of quarantine to complete and utter insanity.

I say this with so much love - you're not good at everything, sis. That sounds unkind, but I promise it's not meant to be - hear me out.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Just because Joanna Gaines can turn an old piece of barn wood into beautiful shelves (side note: she has help, yall.) doesn't mean you can. And that is 100% OKAY!

Knowing what projects you can handle and doing them well is SO satisfying. On the contrary, taking on a project that you are ill-prepared for, and having it turn into a disaster is the WORST. No one wants to be stuck with an antique dresser you thought you could turn into the perfect entryway storage piece but ends up looking uglier than you imagined it could....and now you've got to figure out what in the world to do with it!

Know what you can handle, stick to things you're good at, and for the love of all that's holy, PLEASE walk away if you can't. (Your spouse will thank you. #askmehowIknow #beenthere)


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