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Style Mash-Up. Can It Be Done?

Whether you are newlyweds or college roommates, this can be an exciting and stressful time. They say opposites attract, but they can also be the perfect complementary match.

When it comes to merging styles we all want to make the space feel pulled together and create a cohesive flow. So how do we do that?


Sit down with your new roomie and have a chat. Begin the process by talking about how you want each room to make you feel and your general preferences. This will set the tone for the conversation.


Stay open-minded and creative in how you use your color schemes and existing items. For example, You may love the color blue and think the idea of a deep navy accent wall is dreamy. Your significant other/roommate may not agree. Rather than creating animosity with a giant blast of YOUR favorite color, choose something neutral, and add touches of that deep navy color you love in the form of accent pillows, lamps, or art.


There is a reason you chose to live with this person. Combining your styles can be a really beautiful thing. When I have a client that is moving into a new place I always recommend de-cluttering and setting aside sentimental and important pieces as part of the process. Once you've both done that, take a look at each other's respective piles of decor goodness! You'll be surprised how well some of those things will compliment each other! When you're ready to purchase new items for your place, do it together. Shopping for pieces that you both love can be an excellent bonding experience!

The photo below is a great example of combined styles. This is a couple I worked with a few months ago. They are people who appreciate modern art and color, but also wanted to embrace the cozy style of their beautifully renovated 1890's farmhouse. We were able to incorporate some sentimental pieces from both of their childhoods and pull it together with some fun updates.

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