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Starry Night, What's Your Height?

Artwork is a beautiful way to add color, texture, unique accents, and balance to any room. That being said, if it’s hung improperly it can have the opposite effect on your space making it feel messy and chaotic instead of well-curated and calming. So, here are a few “rule of thumb” things to keep in mind when hanging artwork.

When hanging a single piece of art, you want to make sure the center of your image is approximately 56”-60” from the floor. Keep in mind that the larger the piece the closer to 56” you’ll want to be.

If you’re hanging two pieces of artwork (one above the other), treat them as a single piece. Find the center point between the two and use the same measurements (56”- 60” from the floor) as above.

For multiple pieces, like a gallery wall, you’ll want to place them 2”- 3” apart. This creates a clean and curated look. (Bonus: You can create a beautiful gallery wall with very little investment by using cheap frames and spray painting them to give them a more high-end look!)

Hanging artwork above furniture can be a beautiful way to create a focal point in a room that otherwise doesn’t have one (no fireplace, entertainment center, etc.). Large pieces or groupings should be approximately 2/3 the width of the furniture below it. For example, if your sofa is 60” you will want to make sure your piece or grouping is around 40” in length. Another important thing to keep in mind when hanging art above furniture is to leave 5” – 9” of space between the top of the furniture and the bottom of your artwork.

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