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Shop Your Style: Rustic Farmhouse

Rustic Farmhouse design is as charming as the little antique shop or estate sale where you probably found some inspiration for your home if you love this look. It's a style that celebrates the all-natural, rough-edged, chipping paint goodness you find comfort in when you see old homesteads from years past. If you're drawn to reclaimed woods, natural fibers, and distressed finishes, these are tell-tale signs that a Rustic Farmhouse design style is what you're looking for in your home.

Looking to bring some Rustic Farmhouse style into your home? Keep reading for more tips and shop this look below!

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Rustic Farmhouse design is all about honoring the unfinished, unrefined, and unapologetically natural. It's a look that some have never considered to be a "style" but simply how the old homestead has always looked. It's also a look that many people have gone out of their way to replicate by bringing repurposed antiques, flea market finds, and barn discoveries into their homes.

The color profile of a Rustic Farmhouse style gives all the natural vibes like deep iron ore, natural fiber beiges, and rough woods. This color palette is more inspired by things you find in nature and less by the latest trends and colors of the year.

If you're searching for the perfect Rustic Farmhouse style furniture - you won't have to look far. Simplicity is key and neutrals are all you need. Natural fibers, rough-hewn woods, and two-tone mixed metal + wood pieces bring this look together in no time!

Shop these furniture looks below!

Lighting in a Rustic Farmhouse style home tends to be simple with an antiqued or distressed finish. Oftentimes, these fixtures are refurbished or made to look repurposed from something else. Shop this look below!

The Rustic Farmhouse style lover is all about practicality, simplicity, and warmth. Even with cool tones, this design style has an unmistakable feeling of cozy warmth that makes you just want to curl up next to the fireplace and forget the world outside. Neutrals are a staple and the more natural and distressed the better! Click the images below to shop this look!

I hope this helped to give you a glimpse of what this style is all about, but make no mistake, my friend - your style doesn't need to be defined. You've got a style all your own and it's meant to shine through in your home!

Need a little help finding your personal design style? Or maybe you know what look you want but aren't sure where to find the furnishings and decor you need to do it? I can help! With a variety of services from full room design and product sourcing or simply a consultation to talk about the direction of your design plans, I've got something for everyone. Let's connect and start our collaboration today!

Until next time, friends.


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