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Shop Your Style: Relaxed Coastal

Relaxed Coastal design is a style that will have you feeling like you're on vacation all year round (minus the cheesy travel mags and plastic cups you'll find in your beach rental!). All the comforts of a cozy home with an inviting, yet vibrant look!

Looking to bring some Relaxed Coastal vibes into your home? Keep reading for more tips and shop this look below!

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Relaxed Coastal design embraces all the casual and cozy neutrals with vibrant pops of color that you would find in a natural seaside habitat.

The color profile of a Relaxed Coastal style home is a reflection of the natural seaside color palette we all love. Ocean blues, crisp whites, sandy beiges, deep navy, and a pop of coral bring this look together in the most beautiful (and fun!) way.

If you're digging the Relaxed Coastal design style, easy-going, comfortable, and natural are ways you would describe your preferred furniture taste. Natural fibers, crisp slipcovered linens, and fun beachy patterns are just what you're looking for and you can shop these furniture looks below!

Organic and neutral, the Relaxed Coastal style lighting encompasses the light woods, rattan, woven, and natural looks that are everywhere you look when you stroll the beach. Keeping this neutral look allows you to incorporate just about anything in the space without fear of clashing colors, styles, or materials. Shop this look below!

Bright, light and airy, and natural are words that come to mind when you think about what you want to see in your Relaxed Coastal style home. With just the right balance of warm and cool colors, natural fibers, and green plants, and a little ode to the colorful streets of Charleston - this look is sure to be one you love for years to come! Shop it below!

I hope this helped to give you a glimpse of what this style is all about, but make no mistake, my friend - your style doesn't need to be defined. You've got a style all your own and it's meant to shine through in your home!

Need a little help finding your personal design style? Or maybe you know what look you want but aren't sure where to find the furnishings and decor you need to do it? I can help! With a variety of services from full room design and product sourcing or simply a consultation to talk about the direction of your design plans, I've got something for everyone. Let's connect and start our collaboration today!

Until next time, friends.


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