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Shop Your Style: Hamptons Coastal

Hamptons Coastal design is best described as "casual elegance". You love calm, elegant interiors with a sense of comfort and laid-back luxury. If that sounds like you, then grab your best "coastal grandmother" outfit and a cup of coffee and settle in, my friend. We're going to dig into this oh-so-lovely look!

Looking to bring some Hamptons Coastal vibes into your home? Keep reading for more tips and shop this look below!

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Hamptons Coastal design is all about laid-back luxury and elegant interiors that are anything but stuffy. With beachy vibes and high-quality products - you can't go wrong.

The color profile of a Hamptons Coastal style home gives all the natural beach vibes with a crisp, clean look. Classic coastal staples like blues and whites will hold the foundation of your color profile and allow you to mix your choice of complimentary accents (cool or warm depending on your preference - in this case, a cool green) into your design.

Shopping for Hamptons Coastal style furniture is as breezy as the soft wind coming off the ocean - simply look for cool, light colors and natural materials. This style gives the look of quiet sophistication and luxurious comfort and these pieces are often made of light woods, rattan, or other natural materials mixed with crisp linens to achieve the Hamptons Coastal look.

Shop these furniture looks below!

Let's talk lighting. The Hamptons Coastal lover is all about elegant looks and casual vibes. So natural fiber-wrapped chandeliers and elegant lamps are just what a space like this needs to compliment all the natural light you've likely got coming through your home. Shop this look below!

Layered natural and woven materials and refined, yet unpretentious tabletop decor exude the classic Hamptons look. When paired with muted coastal art, crisp linen pillows in just the right coastal shades of blue and green, and of course a few plants and marine-inspired objects - you'll walk into a space like this and immediately be transported to the Hamptons as if you've just stepped off the Jitney! Click the images below to shop this look!

I hope this helped to give you a glimpse of what this style is all about, but make no mistake, my friend - your style doesn't need to be defined. You've got a style all your own and it's meant to shine through in your home!

Need a little help finding your personal design style? Or maybe you know what look you want but aren't sure where to find the furnishings and decor you need to do it? I can help! With a variety of services from full room design and product sourcing or simply a consultation to talk about the direction of your design plans, I've got something for everyone. Let's connect and start our collaboration today!

Until next time, friends.


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