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Shop Your Style: Eclectic Bohemian

Eclectic Bohemian design is as unique as the individual creating it! If you're someone who loves a little bit of everything and doesn't want to be "tied down" to one style over another - this design style is totally your jam! The very definition of eclectic is to derive inspiration from a broad variety of sources and bohemian is a free-spirited aesthetic that mixes different cultures and artistic expressions. So, let's take a little dive into what that looks like!

Looking to bring some Eclectic Bohemian style into your home? Keep reading for more tips and shop this look below!

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Eclectic Bohemian design is all about the colors, styles, and elements of the many cultures you as an individual feel connected to and appreciate. With global-inspired decor, earthy colors, organic elements, and a mix of patterns and textures, this style is sure to be a unique expression of... you.

The color profile of an Eclectic Bohemian style tends to be earthy and organic mixed with a warm mix of individual styles. Jewel tones, earth tones, and soft hues are among the favorites, but there really are no rules when it comes to this style's use of color.

Natural and sustainably sourced, versatile, and unique are the top things that come to mind when an eclectic boho shopper hits the local swap meet, furniture store, or good ol' Google. Combining a mixture of things that compliment each other, but can also easily be used in another spot in the house and look just as fabulous!

Shop these furniture looks below!

When it comes to Eclectic Bohemian style lighting, it's all about natural materials like rattan and versatility. Oftentimes, this style is fairly neutral, but also unique.

Shop this look below!

The Eclectic Bohemian style lover is all about expressing individuality, embracing the world around us, and mixing textures and patterns! This style of decor tends to break all the rules in all the right ways! A little bit of this and a little bit of that in perfect harmony. Natural, easy, and nothing like the neighbors. Boho botanicals + a splash of global-inspired uniqueness make this look as easy as it is interesting. Click the images below to shop this look!

I hope this helped to give you a glimpse of what this style is all about, but make no mistake, my friend - your style doesn't need to be defined. You've got a style all your own and it's meant to shine through in your home!

Need a little help finding your personal design style? Or maybe you know what look you want but aren't sure where to find the furnishings and decor you need to do it? I can help! With a variety of services from full room design and product sourcing or simply a consultation to talk about the direction of your design plans, I've got something for everyone. Let's connect and start our collaboration today!

Until next time, friends.

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