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Rugs: How Do I Choose?

Choosing the right area rug for your space is crucial. Here are a few things to consider when shopping around!

1.) Two pieces of furniture should sit at the same distance on the rug. Either both slightly on the rug or ALL the way on.

2.) Area rugs on the carpet: This is a great way to add dimension and texture, but make sure your rug is thicker than the carpet you're placing it on. Tapestry style rugs are beautiful but are less likely to lay flat over the carpet.

3.) Don't go too small! If you can't put at least two of the pieces in your room on it, it's too small. Exception: odd-shaped statement rugs.

4.) If your furniture is not placed on it, it should be a minimum of 4 inches away from furniture, fireplaces, etc.

5.) The long side of your rug should follow the longest piece of your furniture. If this isn't possible, be sure you have at least 6 inches of rug showing on either side of your piece.

6.) Your rug should extend 6 inches or more beyond the arms of your main piece of furniture.

7.) Living room rugs: 99% of the time you will need a minimum size of 8x10. Smaller rugs (7x9 or smaller) are better suited for smaller areas like sitting rooms. Even if you have a smaller living room, 8x10 area rugs will still work well as long as you have approximately 24 inches of space between the wall and the rug on at least 2 walls.

8.) Always consider your room. Your rug can dictate the rest of your space with its color, texture, and pattern. Try not to choose a style that is overly trendy for "right now". Styles change quickly and you're more likely to want to change it up sooner.

9.) Don't be afraid to cover wood floors. Area rugs can add texture and acoustic value to the room.

10.) If you have a focal point like an entertainment center or a fireplace in your room, be sure to center your rug in front of it. Having a rug that is off-center can make the room feel unsettled and messy. Keeping your rug centered on the focal point will pull the room together and make it feel grounded and peaceful.

So, there you have it! I hope this will make your next shopping trip a bit easier! #ShopSmarterNotHarder #PenceCreativeInteriors


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