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Rental Spacelift

Spring has sprung and the moving season is in full swing! For those of you living the military life, you know this as "PCS season". Many of you will be moving into base housing or rental homes/apartments. As a military wife myself, I have made it my mission to make each new place we move to feel like home. So today I wanted to share a few of my favorite temporary design hacks to help you settle into your new place!

*** First and foremost, ALWAYS read your rental agreement carefully and be sure you are aware of all the dos and don'ts outlined in it. If you aren't sure about something you want to upgrade with the tips below, make sure you give your landlord or property manager a call to clarify before you start! ***

Tip #1: Removable wallpaper! There are a ton of beautiful options out there for peel and stick wallpaper. Often times, rentals are very neutral with white or beige walls. If that's not your jam, change it up! Simply adding removable wallpaper to one wall (using or creating a focal point) can totally change up the room and give it just the "spacelift" it needs! (see what I did there 😉😂)

Tip #2: Peel and stick tiles! These little gems are great for a quick and easy update to a kitchen or bathroom. If you've got dark cabinets and not a lot of good natural lighting, adding some crisp white subway tile can add a brighter and cleaner look!

Tip #3: Lighting Updates! A lot of rentals are builders grade or simply outdated. An easy way to change up your light fixtures from boring to fabulous is to add a lampshade. Did you know you can cover that dreaded old fixture with a simple shade? Yep! Using command strips or zip ties to attach a shade over your fixture can make a HUGE difference!

Tip #4: Command strips are your friend! Putting holes in the walls may be totally fine with the owner, but the thought of having to repair the walls with spackle and re-paint upon moving out is exhausting. A lot of renters dread this step in the process of moving (because there are so many other things to do) so they simply leave the walls empty and don't create the space they really want. Don't be afraid to hang up those family photos, wall art, or shelves to display the things that show who you are!

Happy Moving Season, Ya'll! 🏠💜

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