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Playroom to Classroom!

This was NOT part of my plan (Do you hear God laughing, too?). I never imagined myself as a preschool teacher. My sweet girl and I were both SO excited for her new adventures this year at our beloved MDO/preschool that she has attended for the past 2 years. But, here we are. And after MUCH prayer in wake of the COVID-19 crisis in our country, I am ready to make this year a success!

As we embark on our homeschooling journey, I knew I would need to create a space for learning. I want my daughter to have the best and most normal preschool experience in these not-so-normal times so I was inspired to re-create a real classroom experience. And so, I give you the playroom to classroom transformation!

I wanted it to be an environment not just of learning and growing, but FUN! So, of course, bright colors were a must! The rainbows and labels were a way to stay organized, but they are also intentional. Everything in this room serves a purpose. Color coding makes me happy, yes, but it will also encourage color sorting, sight words, and independence for my little star pupil!

I know a lot of parents are in a similar situation of unknown territory and since we are all in this together, I'll highlight links below to some of the awesome Amazon finds for this room! The rest of the materials are things I made myself or printed from one of my favorite educational resource sites - (this is a great way to support amazing teachers all over the country by purchasing learning and classroom materials from them! I HIGHLY recommend checking them out!).

Here's to a new adventure! Shop the links below to get this look:

Wall Decal Dots:


Wall Clock:



Numbers Pocket Chart:

White Board:

Cork Boards:

Bonus tip: Two more "must-haves" that I love and use DAILY are my color laser printer and my laminating machine! These two items are an investment, but they have made my life SO much easier! So, if you are in a position where these items are affordable for you, I would encourage you to look into them. I have been able to save a TON of money by making my own educational materials!

Happy shopping, friends!




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