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Plants: The Unsung Heroes of Décor

If you followed along with my “must-haves” series a while back, you know that one of my top 10 favorite things to put into any space is PLANTS. They bring so much to the room with a quiet simplicity that makes them work anywhere.

Now, in my previous blog post mentioned above, I focused the spotlight on faux plants. Why? Well, because (at the time) that was mostly what I had. Confession time: I did not have a green thumb. BUT! I’m learning. And with the help of a few sweet friends willing to share their knowledge, some research, and a handy dandy App called “Planta” I have become…dun dun dun… a crazy plant lady. Yup. Enter next confession: I’ve got a lot of plants now…and it’s not enough! I LOVE them even more now than I did before!

So, where do you put them? Anywhere. Literally. Anywhere. On their own, in a group, on a shelf, in a plant stand…anywhere. But, be sure to read up on what you’re buying (I didn’t do this the first time around and it was an epic failure, hence the faux “easier” plants) so you know what they need in terms of light, maintenance, and growth potential.

Here’s a few things I’ve learned about these unsung heroes of the décor world:

If you have found the most beautiful African violet at your local greenhouse with a sunny spot in mind for her to shine in all her glory when you get her home…don’t. Find her a spot that’s got a nice balance of sun and shade. She needs the light, but too much will burn her fragile leaves to a crisp. Ask me how I know…

Know what you’re getting into before you purchase. When considering houseplants with a little more work involved, make sure you have the time and patience to do it right. If you don’t give her what she needs…well…it’s like those commercials where the grumpy old lady needs a Twix to feel better. Except a Twix won’t fix an unhappy houseplant. That sad little corner in the hallway that doesn’t get much natural light (or any at all) doesn’t have to stay that way! Add a shade-loving plant (ZZ plants are great in these shady spots along with “thrive anywhere plants” like snake plants or spider plants) and it will be just the thing to liven up that less than stellar spot on the top of the bookshelf or in the corner you just don’t know how to style.

This should go without saying…but…again…learn from me. They’re alive. They grow, people. And if you start getting the hang of this plant parent thing, they REALLY grow. So, make sure you can give them the room they need to do it. It’s so exciting to watch the new sprouts and tiny baby leaves pop up so give them a good place to grow and then sit back and enjoy the show! My 4.5-year-old is especially in tune to the “pups” and oftentimes spots them even before I do. Speaking of little ones, if you’ve got kids, get them involved! My daughter is Mama’s helper a.k.a. the “Official Spritzer” and takes great pride in her responsibility of giving the leaves a spritz right on schedule! It’s wonderful for both of us to experience what can happen when you spend time caring for them.

As I’ve mentioned before (I can’t stress this enough), they look great everywhere! Need a little something to help balance out the shelf styling you’re doing in the guest room? Plant. Need something different for mantle décor? Plants! Not sure what to use as a centerpiece on your table? Plants! Want to make the bathroom feel like a relaxing spa? You guessed it – PLANTS!

The possibilities are endless and there are TONS of amazing plant lovers sharing crazy beautiful ideas online like how to DIY cabinets to create mini greenhouses, crafting gorgeous macramé hanging pot designs, and turning ordinary vertical shelving into a wall of green happiness.

So, next time you’re stuck with a spot you aren’t sure how to fill – try a plant...or three. I promise you won’t regret it.

Stay tuned on my social media pages [follow me by clicking the social media links below!] for some styling inspo, favorite places to buy stylish pots, tips on what to buy if you’re just starting out, and more funny stories about my rookie mistakes (and plant mom triumphs)!

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