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Peaceful Sanctuary

When this client asked me to design the master bedroom she asked, very simply, for "something peaceful". We discussed her color preferences, lighting preferences (her hubby works odd shifts and he needed a quiet place to rest during the day so blackout drapes were a must!), and the usual things I discuss with a new client. Then I asked her what SHE needs.... weird question right? Not really. Hear me out. You see, this amazing person devotes ALL of her time to her family, her friends, and complete strangers in need. ALL. THE. TIME. And she does it all with such admiral grace and wisdom. So, I wanted to give this sweet Mama a place of quiet sanctuary, peaceful rest, and a splash of comfort and luxury. It was truly an honor to be invited into this home and entrusted to give her this much-needed space. Even when she didn't quite see my vision (I'm sure there were times! Colors can be scary! 😉), she still trusted me and it is such an amazing feeling when your client trusts you! Today as I fluffed pillows, hung wall art, steamed drapes, and brought this space to life I was filled with so much JOY and excitement! And then it happened. She walked into her new master bedroom and said "Oh my GOSH! I can't believe this is MINE!" Yes, sweet Mama. It's all yours and you deserve it! ❤️

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