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Patterns: Do They Mix?

Answer: YES!

See my top ten quick tips for pattern mixing below!

1. Work with odd numbers. Start with 3 patterns until you master mixing them! When you're feeling more comfortable you can mix up to 5 or more (though I'd recommend no more than 5 in most spaces depending on the scale of the room).

2. Use various scales so they don't compete with each other and rather complement each other in your space.

3. Remember the rule of 3: Small, Medium, and Large.

4. Match the scale to the right pieces. Large, bold patterns are best on large pieces like walls, window treatments, and area rugs. Medium patterns are best on things like furniture. And small patterns are best on accent pieces like throw pillows.

5. Your largest piece should incorporate ALL the colors in your space. The medium and small patterned pieces can have SOME of the colors in your preferred color palette.

6. Using solids can break up and ground the space to give you a softer look.

7. Group patterns of a similar style.

8. Balance patterns throughout the space.

9. Be consistent with color intensity. Mixing different hues can give a less than ideal look to an otherwise beautiful mixture of patterns. (i.e. avoid mixing pastels with jewel tones, etc.)

10. THERE ARE NO RULES. These are guidelines that I find work well, but as always, there are no rules in design! If you love it, go for it!


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