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New Season, New Home, and Embracing It All

Spring has officially sprung and as I shift things in the house from Easter themed vignettes to Spring/Summer décor, I can’t help but notice how much happier this season makes me feel. Everything is fresh, bright, colorful, and alive with the promise of new things that it always seems to bring with it when it arrives.

Of course, here in Augusta, Georgia, the whole city shifts from Holy Week to Masters Week. So, lots of yellow and green golf themed things can be seen in just a short walk around the neighborhood. Coming from the nomadic life of a military family and having grown up in central Pennsylvania, we had no idea that this week was a HUGE part of becoming part of the Augusta culture until we spent our first Spring here in 2018 and a neighbor cheerfully wished us “Happy Masters Week!”. We enjoy golf and play when we can, but this week in Augusta is nothing short of a magical production. Our first year, it was like taking in a show. Everyone makes sure their homes are sparkling, landscaping spruced up, lawns perfectly manicured, and of course, the Masters flags hung with pride on Monday and flown proudly until the tournament concludes on Sunday afternoon.

We recently purchased the home we had been renting for the past 3 years (woo hoo! And yes, that means we are STAYING!!!) and decided to embrace it. Luckily, I had already planned to make my porch décor accent color for Spring/Summer a gorgeous buttery yellow to offset the fresh coat of paint we put on the house (the first of MANY projects) when my sweet husband pointed out that he liked my choice of exterior color scheme because it would “match everything for Masters week”. Bless him. He thinks I planned it that way. And while I’d love the take credit for some sort of extraordinary planning around one week a year…well, I can’t. It just happened that way. I am, however, glad he approves!

As I’m sure you all know, home ownership comes with projects. LOTS of projects. Our #1 priority was going to be painting the interior because...well…hello, that’s my jam! Because this has been a rental home, it’s been through several families and the paint is showing it. But after more consideration, we decided to shift priorities (which is something we all have to do sometimes in design) and work from the outside in.

Our home was a drab tan color with brown accents. Not my favorite, but I could see the potential. She has great bones and merely needed some TLC. It took some convincing my husband and the contractor/painter to get them to see my vision, but they came around. We decided to go with SW Alabaster for our main color and SW Caviar for the shutters, door, and accents. I love the stark contrast of black and white, but wanted our home to still be warm and inviting – even with cool colors. (I love softness of the Alabaster and Caviar in their respective color families.)

We couldn’t be happier with how things are going as we venture into owning another (new to us) home and embrace this city as “home”. I’m so glad to have you all along for the ride. It’s sure to be a wild one so, buckle up, friends! We’re just getting started!




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