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Negative Space, It's Not What You Think!

Hey ya'll! Mr. Miaygi here - back for another round of #TalkMeDownThursday!

So, you're standing in your beautifully furnished room and you notice it...*gasp*... Empty. Space. The horror!

Come, young grasshopper. Let's talk. This is what we in the "biz" call "negative space". No, not because it's giving off bad vibes... but because it is an open space where there is no decor. "Positive space" is what we call the areas that hold furnishings and decor. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT fill every single crevice of your home with "stuff" just for kicks.

Picture this (Yes, I'm doing a dramatic hand wave, like Mufasa telling Simba about his kingdom.) finally have the supper dishes cleaned up, the beloved albeit ridiculously challenging fruits of your loins are snuggled in their beds, and you've just finished your last sip of wine. You're exhausted, but...ahh it's bedtime. You sleepily brush your teeth, throw on your husband's favorite t-shirt from high school and you're about to crawl in...

But, wait. There's your space...where you NEED to rest.

Yeah, maybe that was a tiny bit much, but you get my point. Your eyes need a resting spot, too! Negative space is a good and necessary thing. Otherwise, your house turns into an overwhelming place of chaos rather than the peaceful cozy sanctuary the lady on HGTV said you could have. So, next time you see that "bare spot" in your room. Give it a wink and "hey, lookin' good over there." It's doing its job. Just let it. Walk away, my friend. Walk away.

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