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"My living room is small. How do I add tables without making it look cluttered?"

Small spaces don't have to be boring or lacking in functionality. In these situations, we sometimes just need to think outside the box.

If it's a coffee table you're longing for, consider a glass or clear acrylic table. This gives you the functionality you need but takes up less visual space. Avoiding dark heavy pieces in a small room is a must! (Note: This is not something I would suggest in a household with small children or large pets as these tend to scratch easily.)

Another solution: garden stools! They are smaller than traditional side tables, come in a variety of colors, shapes, and materials, and they are relatively inexpensive. This gives you the look of a well put together room, the functionality you need, and avoids throwing off the scale of your room by adding pieces that are too big for your space!


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