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Military Mondays: Setting The Stage

Happy Monday, friends! Can you believe it is the end of our 6-week "Military Mondays" series?! I'm so glad ya'll have joined me and even if you're not a military spouse I hope you have found these things to be helpful!

Although I have talked a lot about the next chapter there is an important part of this process that needs to be "wrapped up" before you begin your next adventure - selling your home. Even if you're a renter, this is for you too because it's still likely that you'll need to "show" your home (and your landlord will appreciate it!). So, for our last installment of #militarymondays, I wanted to give you some quick tips for staging.

The first thing I want you to do before you get started is to take a moment to mourn. I'm all about the joy in ordinary things and the excitement of a new adventure, but the chances are, you've made memories here. Maybe this is the home you first started to grow your family, maybe it's the place you hosted breakfast meetings for new spouses or held a bible study or maybe it's the place that God sent you the perfect Mom friend to walk with you through the trenches of parenthood. Whatever it is - take a moment to sit with that. Appreciate where you've been and how you've grown here.

Now, let's get to work. I'm going to keep this simple because Lord knows we have enough to do in this crazy season, but I want you to keep these few simple things in mind as you prepare your home to sell because they can make a HUGE difference (ask your realtor, they will thank you!). [In most cases, as military families, we tend to keep things pretty neutral because we know that in a few years we will be moving on, and painting an entire home seems daunting. However, if you've got a color palette in your home that is not neutral, I would encourage you to start there before even looking at #1!]

1. Cozy up the entryway and use a mirror. This is the potential buyer's first impression of your home. Some might argue "curb appeal" is the first impression, but I guarantee you that the feeling you get when you enter a home will beat out any distaste for the color of siding on the exterior. Using a mirror is a beautiful decorative element. It keeps the space neutral while reflecting light (which is always a good thing) and makes the space feel open and inviting. Cozy it up with a basket and a simple throw blanket - voila!

2. Add warmth to the kitchen. Having a clean kitchen and limiting the number of things on the countertops is great, but can also feel a bit "sterile". So, don't forget to go back and add some warmth. A simple bowl of fruit or a set of apothecary jars filled with dry goods is a great way to do this and it's a bonus that these are neutral inexpensive items that you can gather and take with you to your new home after your current one has sold. Bang for your buck, amiright?!

3. Add a touch of luxury to the bathrooms. This is such an easy thing to do and doesn't have to be purchased at luxury pricing. Putting a pretty towel on the rod if you have one (if not, drape a simple white towel over the tub and a hand towel next to the sink), a nice high-end looking soap dispenser next to the sink, and a crisp white bathrobe on the back of the door can take your bathroom from ordinary to spa-like in a matter of minutes!

4. Distract from any perceived negatives. Let's face it. Every house has something that is not necessarily optimal. Maybe it's an oddly placed window or an awkward columned arch. These are not things you can simply swap out or change (and who has the time or energy during PCS season to even think about making structural changes?!) Adding something as simple as a decorative vignette to pull the eye away from the "oddness" of the space without investing a ton of time and money into it.

5. Last, but not least - and this probably goes without saying - hide any clutter and/or cleaning supplies neatly in a closet. Oftentimes, we are thrust into this PCS process with a million other things going on and we don't always have the time to go through every bit of clutter in our homes (everyone has clutter, trust me) before we list. We feel the rush of "I've got to get this place on the market" and we want to hurry up and call the realtor to get the ball rolling. Pump the breaks. Take a day or two to at least go around the house and de-clutter what you can - the easy stuff like broken toys, old magazines, etc. For the rest, grab some inexpensive baskets from the dollar store and put the remaining "stuff" in them. Placing them neatly on the shelves of your utility closet can give the perception of a well organized and clutter-free home even if you're not quite there yet. This way, when potential home buyers open your closets (because they will), they won't be overwhelmed by the "stuff" and will be able to visualize all of their things neatly placed in that utility closet just like yours!

If you're currently in this process, I'm rooting for you! If you're taking notes for next time, file it all away and pull it out about 6 months prior to the "madness" - baby steps. Wherever you are and whatever stage of this life you're living, know that I am with you in spirit. I'm rooting for you, I'm lifting you in prayer, and I'm here for you! You've got this, sweet friend!

xo, Sarah


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