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How to Style: Nightstands

Let's talk nightstands. It's probably not something most people put much thought into, but it is a surface in your home that can (and should) be styled. I personally prefer a less is more approach so I don't like to overdo it with tons of "stuff" on every surface, but leaving your nightstands completely empty can make the room feel unfinished and your bedroom design can fall flat.

Here are some tips on how to style your nightstands and where to shop these looks!


  • Center a mirror 4-6 inches above the nightstand to reflect light and open up the space.

  • Use a statement lamp to add functional style and height.

  • Mix in a bit of life with a plant or faux floral arrangement.

  • Add a textured frame with a photo or small piece of art to add a bit of your personality.


[Bonus Tip: Choose a nightstand that is the proper size and height for the space. The top of your nightstand should be even with your mattress or no more than 2-4 inches taller.]


  • Center a piece of art or photography that reflects your personality and complements the room's color palette. Hang it 4-6 inches above the nightstand.

  • Add a tall lamp and slide it off to one side so that you can have functional lighting, but still showcase your artwork.

  • Use a stack of books and a decorative object like a clock or framed photo to add height and balance for a layered styling look.

  • Mix in a plant for a bit of life and texture.

Do you need help giving your room those finishing touches? Interesting in working with me on a design project? Let's talk! I'd love to help!

Until next time,

Be well. Stay kind.

And keep dreaming.


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