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Home Office Design: Girl Boss Style

I recently had the opportunity to design the ultimate girl boss office and it was SO much fun! So much so that I thought it needed it's own blog post. So, settle in and let's take a closer look at this amazing project!

How it started...

If you've worked with me in the past, then you know the onboarding process is where I ask a LOT of questions and you tell me ALL the things. The onboarding process for this project started off like any other, but quickly became a #fullbodychills situation when the client said "I'm a single Mom launching a new business and I need an office...but not just any office. It's got to be amazing." Challenge accepted. Why the chills? Well, because nothing makes me more excited than giving someone a creative space they love, but giving it to a fellow #girlboss who is raising FOUR BOYS all by her damn self?! Yeah. Chills. Game on, Mama. Let's do this!

Design Development

We talked more in-depth about her style, her needs for the space, and what kind of space we would be working with for this project and there was one recurring theme - she needed the space to feel like it was all HERS. Her world is full of sports, legos, minecraft, mud and chaos. Four boys, remember? And so, I knew this had to be a space of peace, femininity, creativity, and productivity. As we talked more about the space we would be converting to a home office, we discovered that there was actually another room in her home that would be better suited for the project. We had originally planned to use a small room over the garage that wasn't being used. She was concerned about not being really available for the little ones, but thought it would be the easiest option since it's already an empty room. As we talked a bit about how much (or how little) she would need to be available to the kids and what that would look like if she were running back and forth from the room over the garage, I asked if there was any other spaces in her home that weren't currently being used for an everyday function. That's when she said "Well, there's the guest room, but it's got a weird nook in it and I still need a guest room." [Enter lightbulb moment here.] So, of course, I'm like..."Ok, let me see THAT room." After some discussion I suggested we re-think our plan and use the guest room as her office. Did she panic a little when I suggested it? Yep. Did I help her shift other things in her home to make this happen? Yep. Do either of us have a single regret looking back now? NOPE. We did a simple swap and it was the best way to kick this project off! With a guest room over the garage, she would be able to offer guests more privacy and with a home office as part of the main house she would be able to spend more time focused on her business and less time worrying about what her kiddos may or may not be getting into while she attempts to get things done.

The Concept Phase

We collaborated on the usual things like color palettes, storage needs, furniture, layout preferences, and lighting. We knew we wanted to incorporate her favorite color - pink. We also wanted to give the space a fun, but sophisticated look. This room had been recently painted a neutral color so we didn't want to change up the paint, but I definitely felt the space needed more color and personality. She was totally on board, but, was a bit hung up on the "weird little nook" in this space.

As a designer, it's my job to look at the "weirdness" and either embrace it or change it. In this case, because we were working on a tight budget and an even tighter timeline, there wasn't going to be an opportunity for structural changes so I embraced it. And the result was even better than I could have imagined.

Rather than trying to make the space blend in with the rest of the room, I decided to let it shine in all it's glory - with a little help, of course. To accomplish this, I found a peel & stick wallpaper in a beautiful floral pattern that I knew she would love. It's easy to remove if she ever decides to change the look, has all the fun girly vibes, and it was a budget-friendly option that is totally on trend right now. I know when I mention floral peel & stick wallpaper some of you may be thinking "too trendy" since I tend to lean more classic with a modern twist in my typical styling, but in this case, and when styled properly, it really is more of a statement of feminine sophistication than a kitchy quick fix to an odd space.

The next thing I knew I needed to incorporate here was a great light fixture and stylish organization. This client had such a fun boho vibe and was really digging the latest design trends of natural elements like bamboo and rattan. Thus, the idea to bring those elements into her home office design. Organization is something I find really important - especially in a work space. I personally find that I am so much more productive and efficient of my work space is organized and I'm in a clean-looking environment. So, I decided to give her something that would provide both style and function - built ins. But.. are they? They're not! We're on a budget and a tight timeline, remember? Since the price of lumbar has skyrocketed and we couldn't wait months for a carpenter to build this unit, I gave her the same look for less. These individual units just happened to fit perfectly across the large empty wall she had in this room and when placed side by side they give the illusion of a single built-in unit.

After that, I got to work on adding fun and functional furniture pieces to the space. From a pink sofa to a crisp white executive desk (that was thrifted and re-painted!) to shelf decor - everything had a purpose. I then grounded the space with dualing area rugs and suggested repurposing some leftover wallpaper to create budget-friendly wall art and - DONE.

The Rendering Phase

This is where the magic happens, ya'll. I cannot tell you what a game-changer is has been for my interior design business to add this service. Since becoming an interior rendering artist, I have been able to give my clients the best visual aid available and the best part? It's so much fun! Now, it's not without it's challenges and I'd be lying if

I told you I didn't spend countless hours searching for and/or modeling detailed pieces to make these renders happen, but they're worth it EVERY. TIME.

Pulling this particular project together in a render was the cherry on top to making this client feel 1000% comfortable with the design plan I had for her. Being able to [virtually] "walk" through a newly-designed space before a single thing has been touched and/or purchased?! Yes, please.

Needless to say, once the concept was approved and we move on to this phase my client was ready for the "big reveal". And so was I.

The Big Reveal

Presentation day. It still gives me butterflies every time. Not because I'm nervous or scared, but because I have poured my heart and my creativity into each project and it's just hard to contain my excitement seeing it all come together.

When I sent the email "Your Final Design Is Ready!" it took no less than 10 minutes and I got "the call". "OH EM GEE! IT'S PERFECT!" Now, I'm not sharing this to toot my own horn, I'm sharing it so you can get a little taste of that feeling. You know the one. That feeling where you're both excited and relieved, anxious for change and at peace with introducing something new, and excited to be finished with one step but thrilled to be taking a leap into the next. That's what reveal day is all about.

The Follow Up

"Working with Sarah was amazing. Not only did she bring her A-game with budget-friendly ideas, incredible vision, and a relatable personality, she came with something you can't teach - heart. In every step of this process, in every detail, in every decision - she made me feel seen and heard. I'm so grateful for her insight, her patience, her impeccable design skills, and her big beautiful heart."

While I don't have "after" photos to share just yet (one of the things that just doesn't happen often in virtual interior design), what I DO have is far better. And it's the reason I do what I do and love every minute of it. It's the client's feedback. And it's why I'll keep learning, growing, and doing my best because I want to make sure every client walks away from a project feeling JUST. LIKE. THIS.

Ready to design your dream space? Let's talk! I'd love to help and I promise you'll enjoy the ride. Find more information on how to get started HERE.

Until next time,

Be Well. Stay Kind.

And Keep Dreaming.


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