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Guest Room Re-Design: Part 1

As my fellow military families know, it's hard to buy furniture and anticipate whether or not it's going to work in a new (to you) house. With the inevitable move in "x" amount of months/years, we have learned to tread carefully when it comes to making furniture purchases. However, we have also taken advantage of ALL. THE. DEALS. along the way, because we know that a PCS move is HARD on our stuff (like... really hard ) so we don't want to invest a ton of money into pieces that could end pieces!

We had this bedroom set for a few years. [It was a great deal and already in the house that we were renting at the time. So, when my newly pregnant self realized we wouldn't have to move it I couldn't resist!]

But, it was time to upgrade. And downgrade. Confused yet? Hang tight!

The furniture was a beautiful sold wood set, but just way too big and heavy for the room. It felt crowded, dark, and over-powering. I really wanted to bring in smaller-scale pieces that would work in any size room, could be separated and repurposed in other rooms, and were fun yet transitional styles. The other top priority? COLOR!

And so, I give you the new and improved guest room! I'm thinking about claiming it as my "Mom Escape Room" because it's so much more cheery now and it's got a closet I can hide chocolate in

Stay tuned for a more in-depth look at this re-design! The budget might surprise you!

What room of your house have you been side-eyeing for too long?


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