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Good Things Take Time

Design is a process. It is a labor of love cultivated with tons of thought, revisions, and pouring over the details... again and again...and again. It is a wonderful thing to watch a space change into something beautiful. I love showing the end result because..HELLO 😍 However, sometimes it's nice to give people a peek into what goes on behind the scenes. Sometimes things come together in a matter of weeks or even days (depending on the project) and sometimes it is a process that is months in the making.. but oh, it is so worth it!

This project is a master suite that I am currently working on and I'm going to walk you through the steps so far!

Step 1: Identifying your goals.

My client was looking for help to turn this dark dreary hideaway into a quiet peaceful sanctuary.

Step 2: Design Boards & Budget Plans

Based on the goals we discussed I was able to identify her style goals, color preferences, needs, and wants for the master bedroom. I love to show clients that there are options that make them think outside the box, but stay inside the budget! This step often takes a few revisions and is by far one of my favorite steps. Seeing my clients excited about what's to come brings me so much joy!

Step 3: Time to shop!

This can be done piece by piece or all at once. This particular client wanted to take things slow. I was able to break things down for her, price watch for sales and discounts, and make sure that she got each piece when her schedule and budget allowed.

Step 4: The best is yet to come!

This is the step in which we tie it all together, adding in the finishing touches, and make the space complete! Stay tuned on this one! It's going to be gorgeous!


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