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Friday Finds: Where To Shop

In this week's #QOTW we talked about *how* to shop [check the blog post here if you missed it:…/to-buy-or-not-to-b…]

So, today's #FridayFinds is about *where* to shop. Rather than highlight a specific item this week I thought I would give you a quick list of my favorite retail stores to find decor essentials.

Here are some of the most popular categories and where to shop for them:

Furniture: Wayfair - they have a little bit of everything! Tons of different styles at different levels of quality and price points. []

Lighting: Shades of Light - they have a ton of options in a wide variety of styles at a pretty decent price point. []

Fabric: Spoonflower - they have thousands of unique patterns in every color combination you can imagine. []

Curtains: West Elm - they offer both classic and modern style patterns at a fair price and they ship quickly. []

Decor: Homegoods & Hobby Lobby - I couldn't choose just one because I love them both so much! Both stores offer amazing prices, a great variety, and I rarely ever walk out of either place empty-handed. []

Rugs: RugsUSA - they offer a HUGE selection of styles at great prices. []

Art: Minted - They offer unique pieces at good prices. I love using them because they have a decent variety of items like paintings, drawings, photography, etc. and the purchase directly supports the artist. []


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