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Friday Finds: Curtains!

Since this week’s #QuestionOfTheWeek was about how to choose the right curtains, what better feature for Friday Finds than some of my favorite places to source them?! I’ve broken them down into categories:

Most Affordable: Target, Wayfair, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Why? Because I feel they have to most variety, the best bang for your buck, and they often run sales and offer coupons. Who wouldn’t want to shop a sale and/or use coupons?! Am I right?!

Mid-Range: Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel. Why? Because these brands tend to offer higher quality fabrics while still appealing to those on a budget. They also run sales often – In fact, there’s one going on at Pottery Barn now (use code: SUMMER for FREE SHIPPING on orders over $79)!

High End/Custom: Smith & Noble and Calico Corners. Why? Because they offer high-quality fabrics, custom designs, sample swatches, and a variety of other services to ensure the perfect look. These are generally more expensive, so you’ll want to contact your friendly neighborhood decorator (HELLOOOO friends!) to get access to additional services and discounts.


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