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Falling Leaves and Seasonal Reflection

It's been crazy busy, but a wonderful couple of weeks! After a much needed and relaxing time away with my family, I couldn't wait to get home and add some fall touches to the house. The colors and textures of fall are so beautiful that it's hard not to be inspired. Even though it is still quite warm here in Georgia, I am anxiously awaiting the changing of seasons! There is something so refreshing about the falling leaves and cooler air that reminds me of a fresh start and a reminder to refocus on what's important to us. Fall always seems to make me stop and take a moment to appreciate the beauty around me. God is the ultimate designer. I mean, look around, ya'll. Take it in. This season, like so many other seasons of life is beautiful, but fleeting. Don't miss it.

#FallDecor #OldAndNew #Color #Texture #Beauty


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