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Dreaming of a Boho Breakfast Nook

This E-Design client contacted me from Mississippi. She had a fantastic space with a TON of potential and a dream - "I want a dreamy boho breakfast nook". So, a dreamy boho breakfast nook is what she got!

I immediately started thinking of a bold color scheme with a relaxed vibe. I absolutely LOVE when I get to work with clients that aren't afraid of mixing patterns and vibrant colors!

We also had to do something about those banquette cushions. Spoiler Alert: Those are the same cushions! I was able to score some custom made cushion covers to give this space the vibe my client was looking for without breaking the bank!

Finishing touches like fun pillows, a macrame table runner, and beautiful succulents completed the space. The natural light in this area is just perfect and I couldn't be happier with my client's reaction to her finished design!

Projects like this are so much fun! They force me to think outside the box and I am always up for a challenge!


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