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Designers Are Like Snowflakes

Do you follow Instagram, Facebook, or designer blogs and wonder "What's it REALLY like to work with an interior decorator?" Of course you do! What you see in magazines, well edited Instagram photos and on HGTV is beautiful....and intimidating! While we can all call ourselves designers or decorators, we are all different. No two are alike - much like snowflakes. Each one of us has a unique way of doing things and we all have different strengths that set us apart.

There are a few misconceptions about what I do as an interior decorator and I thought I'd take the opportunity to explain a little bit about this "process" I'm always referring to! The most common misconception I hear is "I'd love to work with an interior decorator, but I can't afford it". Now, that may be true, but have you done your homework? Are you SURE you can't afford it? There are SO MANY options when it comes to home decor and there are no rules! Isn't that great?! I have spent a LOT of time researching pricing, digging for "dupes", and learning how to incorporate things you already own into my designs. Sometimes refreshing a space can be as simple as rearranging furniture, re-positioning a piece of art, or creating a gallery wall of your favorite family photos. Shopping for new items to give you the designer look you're longing for as you browse through House Beautiful Magazine doesn't mean you'll need to pay designer pricing. Of course, I'm happy to help you source custom made furnishings, quality items that will someday become family heirlooms, and designer trends if that's your jam. However, I recognize that not everyone is in a position to go that route and that's okay! Working with you to create a space that brings you peace AND keeps you on budget is what I do best!

Another common misconception is that you can't have a lovely well-designed home if you have children. False. Does it mean we need have an open dialogue about your family life? Yes. Does it mean I need to do some extra research when it comes to colors, materials, and budget? Yes. Can we create something for your family to enjoy during these growing years? ABSOLUTELY! There are so many ways that I can make your home both beautiful AND functional. Remember friends, kid-friendly doesn't mean your home has to look like toddler time at the library or the nursery area at the gym. Those spaces are wonderful, but they are just SPACES. Designating an area just for the kiddos is such a great way for you to separate the chaos from the calm, but not everyone has the option to do that. If you don't have a space that you can solely designate as a kid zone there are still ways to accomplish an aesthetically pleasing AND kid-friendly environment within your home!

I love a challenge and there is nothing I can't solve with a little bit of faith and time. So, I leave you with this, my friend. What's holding YOU back?


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