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Design Dilemma, Simple Solution


“I like to change up my bedroom decor with the seasons. How can I spruce up my bed without investing a lot of money in all-new linens or making major changes?"

Professional Opinion:

Two words: PILLOW COVERS. I'm a big fan of pillow covers. It's amazing what they can do to change things up!

If you don't already have throw pillows on your bed then you may need to invest in some initially. I also recommend purchasing an all-seasons neutral comforter or duvet cover to give yourself a blank canvas to work with each time you want to change things up. [Deals on multi-packs of pillows and all-seasons comforters can often be found on Amazon, Target, or Walmart online!]

After that, you can easily switch the covers with the seasons, holidays, etc. Pillow covers come in a wide range of sizes, patterns, and materials so the possibilities are endless!


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