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Decor Must-Haves: BOOKS!

This week's must-have is BOOKS! If you're like me, you have TONS of them (we LOVE books) and you may be struggling with where and how to store them. The easy solution? Don't. Display them as part of your decor!

Books are my go-to choice for decorating things that just need a little something and oftentimes the client already has some so it's a win/win!

Needing something to add a little pizzaz to your floating shelves? BOOKS. Do you have a great set of lamps that just aren't the right height to use on your bedside tables? BOOKS.

That stack of coloring books in disarray in the playroom? Organize them by color and make rainbows! It's a fun way to involve the kids and keep some order in their space so you don't cringe every time you walk in. My preschooler loves to be able to "make rainbows" in her playroom and I love that she can have fun doing cleanup!

If you aren't like me and don't have a ton of books to choose from or just aren't loving the ones you have to incorporate into your decor/color scheme, check out places like Goodwill or a used book store. They typically have a "dollar books" section and you'll be surprised what kinds of little treasures you can dig up! Another solution is to buy strictly decorative books/book stacks. Places like Hobby Lobby and Michaels often have these little gems in stock and they can also double as storage if they are hollowed out little boxes.

What's your book situation? Do you store them or display them?

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