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Decor Must-Have: Hints of Black

This week's decor must-have: Hints of black!

I'm a sucker for white. It's clean, bright, and neutral. However, it can lack depth and texture if there is too much of it. Black is sleek, modern, stylish, classic, and just happens to be the perfect contrast while still creating a clean look!

Black is often a color that gets dismissed, but it's such a great way to add depth and texture (think black throw pillows, accent tables, and rugs with black undertones/patterns).

It can also be used to add easy updates to a space. Simply switching out the hardware in your bathroom or swapping light fixtures is a fantastic and inexpensive way to give your room a modern face-lift!

**Bonus Pro Tip: Love the style of your current fixtures but not loving the color? Want to save even more cash? Black spray paint is a great alternative to buying all new hardware or light fixtures!**


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