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Creating A Cohesive Home: Part 4

This week's #cohesivehome tip: Don't be a slave to the trends.

Some trends are great! In a world where we are surrounded by gorgeous inspiration online, on TV, and (if you're a little old school like me) in print, we have everything at our fingertips encouraging us to plunge into the latest trends... proceed with caution, my friend.

It's so easy to want to #doitall but think long and hard before you jump. That pattern that seems to be all the rage today, might be "out of style" by next year.

The mistake: You decided to change the flooring in your bathroom to a trendy black and white patterned tile (a trend I happen to love!). Maybe you will love it for decades to come....but, maybe you won't. And now you're stuck with it.

Before you commit to something like tile, try it out on something a bit less permanent, first. Linens, curtains, and removable wallpaper are great for this! It gives you a chance to be on-trend without the investment and commitment. If you find that you still love it after some time and want to take the plunge, go for it!

Also, be careful not to "overdo it". Understanding your personal style (see last week's tip) and choosing the right color that will jive with your established color palette, will be super helpful in deciding what trends to try out and which ones to admire from afar. It's so easy to go down the aisles of Homegoods and grab all the things. Take moment to make sure it will be easy to incorporate into your existing decor before you purchase. It will be so much more enjoyable when you get home!

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