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Creating A Cohesive Home: Part 2

Continuing with the theme of creating a cohesive look in your home, today's tip is CONSISTENCY.

Consistency is key in a lot of things - your diet, your parenting, your workouts, and you guess it, your home!

It's important to incorporate the same elements in each room. That doesn't mean you have to literally have the exact same items in each room, but rather the same general feel.

For example, a while back we talked about natural wood as one of my favorite elements in the "must-haves" series. It's also a fantastic way to bring a cohesive look throughout your home. It can be as simple as using a wooden bench at the end of the bed in the guest room, a wooden cutting board on your kitchen counter, or a pedestal with wooden bead garland on your built-in shelves.

The key is to make sure you are consistent with the elements you are using. Highlighting them differently (think focal point vs accent) in each room will keep things from looking "stale" and still gives your home a beautiful cohesive flow.

Happy Decorating!

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