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Creating A Cohesive Home

I get a lot of questions about creating a cohesive look throughout a home. Oftentimes, the misconception is that cohesive = boring. It doesn't have to! Over the next few weeks, I'm going to highlight some things to keep in mind as a guide for you to create a cohesive look in any home!

Today's tip: Choosing a color palette for your entire home.

The concept of this is often overwhelming because we see the words "entire home" and it seems like a lot, but I promise it will make the process SO much smoother.

Start with your neutrals (I typically use at least 2) and then add in one or two primary accent colors. I recommend this for several reasons:

1.) It's cost-effective. Once you have chosen your color palette it makes shopping for decor much easier and prevents you from over-spending on things that won't work in your space.

2.) It keeps things cohesive, but also gives you variety. By using the same palette, but highlighting different colors within that palette you can avoid monotony and give each space its own individual look while keeping the same vibe throughout your home.

3.) If you change your mind in a few years it will be easier to change things up by simply choosing a different accent color or adding an additional secondary accent color to give your home a little face lift without breaking the bank!

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