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Cozy with Flair

I recently had the pleasure of updating the living space in a remodeled 1896 farmhouse. It's one of my top favorite E-Design projects to date! This particular client had so many beautiful elements already in place. They love art and color, but also wanted to keep with the theme of this sweet little updated farmhouse. Some may see that as a road block, but I see it as an exciting challenge. Not only was it fun to use these elements while incorporating new furnishings to complement them, but it was an absolute joy to chat with her about the significance of each piece that she wanted to keep in the space. The other fun little curve ball? This sweet family has a little one so we needed to keep the space toddler-friendly. As a decorator, my specialty is to think outside the box, re-vamp any space, and give it new life. My secret weapon? I'm a MOM. When your two strongest passions come together it's amazing what you can create!

Before and After:

This client already had some fantastic elements - Gorgeous art, a vibrant couch, and that lounge pillow, ya'll.....from a market circa 1970's that was handed down from her Mama! How cool is that?! So, the existing side tables and pillows were the main focus of our project. I wanted to pull in colors that would tie the colors in the beautiful area rug and vibrant couch together. Because we were working with a pretty neutral palette of permanent fixtures, I was able to focus on color and texture in this space without fear of competing designs.

Side tables: By swapping out the existing tables and replacing them with more appropriately-sized tables in a cool tone teal color, we were able to really make them pop while also using them as a means to tie the room together.

Throw Pillows: I LOVE throw pillows. They are such a fun and easy way to bring texture, color, and balance to a space. By adding in some navy, grey, and teal textured pillows I was able to keep the space functional while adding a bit of flair.


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