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Color, texture, and patterns! Oh, my!

Design is everywhere. Literally. Everywhere. Take a look outside your window. Depending on where you are at this time of year you are likely looking at a wide variety of colors, textures, and patterns. Beautiful isn't it?! Vibrant colors mixed with classic neutrals, warm and cool tones, and a multitude of different textures in perfect harmony. Nature is an eclectic mixture of designs and we love to revel in its beauty, but put an orange pillow on a green couch?! Blasphemy! Most people shy away from color, texture, and patterns because it feels like such a commitment. It doesn't have to be and no one is going to ask you to take a vow that you will love that orange pillow for the rest of your days. {In fact, pillow covers are an amazing and cost-effective way to change up a room in a matter of minutes!} The easiest way to take a room from drab to fab guessed it. Color. Love neutral tones? I do, too! That doesn't mean you have to settle for a space that falls flat. Small pops of color are just one way to breathe life into your space. Another design trick I love is mixing different textures and patterns. A fun accent chair or area rug can be a great addition to any space. And guess what?! You can add them both to the same space! One of the things I love about being an interior decorator is introducing my clients to things they wouldn't otherwise put together. The next time you see a funky patterned pillow, a brightly colored ornate rug, or an accent chair and think "I love that, but it doesn't match" remember that some of the best things in life happen when we step out of our comfort zone. Take the leap. Buy the pillow. And don't panic - if you get stuck, I'm only a phone call away! #NatureInspo #Interiors #Color #Texture #Patterns

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