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Color Palette Decided. Hooray! Now what?!

This is a common question and a common “mistake”. I put that in quotations because I believe there are really no rules in design and décor – these are just guidelines. If you love it then it’s not a mistake!

Here is a quick general guideline to follow - Let’s break this into 3 easy categories: Neutrals, secondary colors and accent colors.

1.) Neutrals – this is the color that will be the “base” of your room. It is the color you will want to use for the largest pieces/elements of your space: walls, large pieces of furniture, and permanent fixtures.

2.) Secondary Colors – these are the colors you will want to use for the medium-sized elements in your space like area rugs and accent furniture. It’s best for these pieces to incorporate all or most of the colors in your palette in order to tie the room together.

3.) Accent Colors – this is where you will bring out the boldest color(s) in your palette. These are best used in smaller decorative accents like throw pillows and wall art.

So, there you have it! Happy creating, friends!


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