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Coffee Table Decor & How To Style It

In my last post we talked about what coffee table shape is best for your space and ]where to find some of my favorite styles. [ICYMI: Check out 8 Unique Coffee Tables Under $800] So, you've got the table. Now what? I get this question ALL. THE. TIME. "What in the world do I put on my coffee table?" Don't worry, friend. I got you.

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It's all about balance when it comes to styling a coffee table. There's no scientific formula, but this comes close...


Remember those graphics showing coffee table + furniture configurations in the last post? [If not, you can snag a copy of it here. And be sure the SAVE it so you can come back to it later!] We talked about the importance of finding the right table and a major part of that is the shape. So, naturally, when styling it we have to consider this as well.

Here's a quick breakdown:

Round Coffee Table:

If you have a smaller, or round coffee table, a single vase or bowl in the center of the table is really all you need. Less is more, my friend. Don't overthink it!

Square Coffee Table:

If you have a square coffee table, think of it in sections. If it's a larger table, I like to think of it in 4 sections - meaning you can style 4 elements (example: stack of books, vase of floral stems, small tray, and a decorative object or grouping of objects). If your table is on the smaller side, think of it in 2 sections - one on each side. The key to doing this well is balance!

Rectangular Coffee Table:

Like the square coffee table, you'll want to think of the the rectangular table in 2 sections and make use of the space you have by balancing varying height objects on either side. You can also place one object (like a vase) in the center. Again, balance is key!


Style Tip: Choosing object of different heights is the key to creating a well-styled vignette. It provides interest, texture, and "moves" the eye. Using groupings of 3 is a good rule of thumb to ensure you always have balance in your space. BUT, most importantly, don't over-do it! Give each piece a little space to breathe and have it's moment in the spotlight! Negative space is a GOOD thing. [You read more about that here!]


If there is one thing I am very consistent with in my designs, it's NO CLUTTER. Don't overthink the styling and don't over-crowd the space. After all, if your table is full of stuff - WHERE WILL YOU PUT YOUR BELOVED COFFEE?! Am I right?!

So, where do you find these things? I've got you covered on that, too.

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Until next time,

Be Well. Stay Kind. And Keep Dreaming.


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